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Consign Your Car

Are you interested in selling your special interest vehicle but you don’t want to give up your weekends?  You don’t want to deal with strangers calling you at night and meeting people you don’t know at your local Starbucks?  If you don’t want to deal with the headaches of the potential loss of privacy and safety that comes with posting ads online, Cammisa Motor Car Co. can help you with our consignment program. 

Why is the consignment method of selling your vehicle better?  It works for you as well as the prospective buyer.  If your vehicle is wholesaled--traded in to a dealer, or sold to the general public--the seller will typically receive less money than through the consignment process.

The reason for this is quite simple. When a dealer buys a vehicle, he needs to make a profit of 40% to 50% from each sale to cover his high operating overheads. Cammisa Motor Car Co. has no real equity or financial investment in the consigned vehicles we sell and therefore requires substantially smaller gross profit margins from each sale.

Consigning your vehicle at Cammisa Motor Car Co. takes the guesswork out of setting the sale price. Incorrect pricing means monetary loss.  If a vehicle is priced too high buyers will be discouraged and interest in the vehicle will drop. A price too low and you will lose profit.

Cammisa Motor Car Co. has the experience and expertise to help you establish the best asking price for your special interest vehicleOur consignment fees are very reasonable and we will never make a sale without your approval of the price.

Why consign your vehicle with Cammisa Motor Car Co?

     We will get the highest retail price for your vehicle.

     We are professionals; we know the automobile business since we have been in business for more than 25 years.

     We are well known for the highest quality pre-owned vehicles.

     We give your vehicle national and worldwide exposure.

     We give you the last word over the final selling price of your vehicle.

     We will take care of all the paperwork.

     When a prospective buyer has a trade-in, we can take care of this.

     We can arrange financing for the consigned vehicle in most cases.

     We can arrange shipping locally, nationally and internationally.

To maximize your consigned car’s value, we would like to have everything you want the next owner to have. This includes receipts outlining cosmetic, mechanical and restoration work performed, information on ownership history, spare parts, tools, all keys, service books and owner’s manuals and newsletter or magazine articles etc. These items are value added features for the prospective buyer and are very helpful to us. Cammisa Motor Car Co. will need a photocopy of the title (if possible) and proof of insurance.  Please maintain your insurance policy while your vehicle is in our care. Please give us a call at 650-347-6677 if you have any questions.

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